Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some commonly asked questions when it comes to Vibes…

Q – Can I bring a friend?
A – Yes, but only If they have a ticket. No ticket no entry

Q – Can I bring my gang patch?
A – Hell no. East Coast Vibes is a peaceful festival, leave all gang regallia at home.

Q – Can I bring my own booze?
A – No. We’re a fully licensed festival, absolutely no smuggling in booze.

Q – Can I leave and come back once I’m at the festival?
A – No. Sorry no passouts.

Q – How do I get there?
A – Click here

Q – Can I bring non-alcoholic drinks?
A – No. No drinks of any kind are allowed, a full range of non-alcoholic drinks are on sale. We suggest you bring an empty water bottle, as fresh drinking water is provided free

Q – Can I bring a chilly bin with food?
A – Yes. Please keep to a small or medium chilly bin for food. Don’t try smuggling alcohol inside packets of chips, or hidden underneath your food because we’ll be checking.

Q – Can I bring a small shade or small sun umbrella?
A – Yes. But please be mindful of other people.

Q – So what else can’t I bring?
A – Anything illegal under NZ law, weapons and a bad attitude!