R18 EVENT: BORN 13/01/2001

Refusal of Entry

East Coast Vibes Management reserves the right to:

  • Refuse entry to any persons deemed to be intoxicated and / or disorderly;
  • Refuse entry to any unauthorised persons;
  • Refuse entry to any patron who cannot provide the following ID type:
  • Valid NZ drivers license
  • Valid NZ passport
  • Valid international passport
  • Current HANZ 18+ card
  • Refuse entry to any patrons who do not comply with a request to conduct a bag or
personal (i.e. pat down, or metal detection scan) search;
  • Refuse entry of items which have the potential to cause injury or public nuisance (ie
large flags /banners, musical instruments etc).


General Conditions

East Coast Vibes Management reserves the right to inspect / search bags of all persons who enter or exit the site, regardless of size.

This may include the touching of the outside of the bag and / or seeking assistance of the bag owner to remove items from the bag.
Patrons who cause a disturbance, or refuse to comply with requests made by Event/ Security staff will be evicted from the site.
Pass outs will not be issued.
Alcoholic beverages cannot be taken into or from the site by patrons.
Patrons wishing to bring personal items into site do so at their own risk. Security will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of a patrons personal 
Unauthorised soliciting and customer surveying is not permitted.
Customers are not permitted to throw any objects around or within the site

Restricted / Prohibited Items

The following items are not permitted into East Coast Vibes Festival:

  • Glass
  • No beverages, alcoholic or non-alcoholic are permitted. Free drinking water is available, we suggest bringing an empty water container
  • Gang patches
  • Flares / Fireworks
  • Laser pointers
  • Knives or other dangerous weapons
  • Cameras with detachable lenses and camera tripods
  • Video or any recording devices
  • Confetti or shredded paper
  • Scooters, roller skates, skateboards and push bikes
  • Oversized; Chilly Bins and other oversized objects
  • Patrons are not to wear or otherwise display commercial, political or other offensive signage or logos