If you identify as an ardent slots’ lover, then it is most likely that you keep tabs on any news concerning slots. In recent times, there have been new slot releases, and both come with different features. However, there are some industry trends that any slots lover will appreciate to see come to fruition. The following are some of the latest features that we can expect in new slot releases.

1. More Pay Lines

In a bid to keep fans glued to their games and play for longer, more software providers are now releasing slots with a high number of pay lines. As we speak currently, several slots have more than 600 pay lines for a single game. While this is not so popular when you consider the big guns in the industry, most of the minor developers are putting pressure on these household names.

The competition between the developers is only there to offer players more benefits. A quick glance at some of the latest releases in the world of slots will reveal that more pay lines are becoming the norm. Soon enough, we may say goodbye to old slots that only have a limited number of pay lines.

2. Mobile Gaming Continues to Thrive

The focus on mobile is not only concerned with gaming but generally anything else on the internet. More websites and online casinos are investing heavily in either having in place fully-fledged mobile sites or mobile apps available across multiple platforms.

Slots are the centre of all these migrations by major casinos. Some casinos are going as far as having separate mobile apps that only serve their slot lovers. It may not be long before your favourite casino pulls a similar move and offers you a convenient way of playing your favourite slot variety on your mobile device.