Any ardent slots lover will tell you that slots get more interesting if themed. This case has been popular since slots went online, and over time, we have seen some popular themed slots. In this post, we look at some of these outstanding slots that you can try out today.

1. Jurassic Park

As a movie, Jurassic Park was a major hit. It is a rare thing to meet anyone that has not watched this movie. The most prominent feature about the films are the stunts and the graphics, which by far still give most movies a run for their money. Awards followed, and before anyone else knew it, we had a slot themed after this famous movie, and people were falling in love with it. Microgaming took up the chance and transformed this loved movie concept into one of the most popular slots on the internet today.

The slot is a typical 5-reel but with some very outstanding features that make gaming a pleasure. There is also a lucrative 5-round free spin feature that the developers of the game base on different dinosaurs. Each one of these dinosaurs will release different wilds or multipliers. The Jurassic Park logo is the wild that you need to look out for throughout the game. There is also the T-Rex Alert that will add up to 35 wilds onto your reel.

2. Terminator 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous the world over because of the Terminator 2 movie. More than just a career-defining movie, this film set the standard for computer effects and tech incorporation in films. The result was an amazing movie that we can’t help but go back to whenever we need to watch something amazing. The video slots made from the theme is just as amazing. The game offers players one of the highest winning methods of any other slot online today with up to 1024 ways.