A quick look at the gambling scene in New Zealand reveals that slots are among the most popular gaming options for most residents of New Zealand. Much of this is thanks to the fact that slots require no specific gaming strategy and are thus suitable for newbies as well. Of the most popular slots in the country, Thunderstruck 2 stands out most prominently, and in this review, we seek to find out why. Read on.

Background of Thunderstruck 2

This popular slot is among the list of casino games that owe their existence to the vibrant Microgaming brand. Thunderstruck 2 was released in 2010 as a sequel to Thunderstruck which continues to pull in new fans daily. The sequel only made the Thunderstruck trademark bigger and better and thus qualifying it as one of the most popular slot games for online gamers in New Zealand.

Why Thunderstruck 2 is Very Popular

There are several reasons why Thunderstruck 2 stands out prominently when compared to other slot games that New Zealand people play. Some of them are as follows:

a) High RTP

A high RTP of 96.65% is one of the main reasons why this slot is so popular here in New Zealand. Players are generally attracted to high paying slots, and such a high RTP acts as a bait that pulls in more and more fans.

b) 243 Pay Lines

Compared to its predecessor, Thunderstruck, this sequel has more than 20 times the pay lines available. With the figure standing at 243, this offers plays a better chance of winning and therefore helps to make this the most popular slot in New Zealand.

c) Suitable for All

Unlike other slots that focus on just a single type of gamer, Thunderstruck 2 accommodates those with small budgets as well as high rollers with their limits. The limits start from 0.01 all the way to 0.25 with up to 10-coin levels available.